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Grunge Wall
Grunge Wall


Turning Point Ministries has an assignment to provide a spiritual covering
over God's people as the Lord builds their ministries for their call and their purpose.  
Elijah was covered and protected as the ravens fed him in the secret place.  
It is imperative that as God builds up your ministry that you
are covered, fed, and safeguarded.

The School of Moses is the number one way that we do this.  It is in the school where we begin to clear the way for the Holy Spirit in your life, while feeding,
covering, and safeguarding you ministers of God as your callings are drawn out.  
The branch that the raven is resting upon above this text is a nod to the School of Moses (represented by the wooden staff of Moses in the school's logo).  

Moses led the children of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt.  

The very name Moses means "to draw out."  We believe that the bondage in Egypt
(a scriptural representative of the "world's system"-i.e. man's method) has crept into the Church.  Therefore, it is time for us to be drawn out from that bondage and into our individual and corporate God-given callings and destiny.  For just as Moses drew out those enslaved in a corrupt system, the School of Moses aims to draw you out and equip you into the free Kingdom God extends. It is through the School of Moses that you can be eligible to be covered in the wilderness, which is your personal transition from Egypt into your promised land.  "...the old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new!" 2 Corinthians 5:17



Turning Point Ministries Agrees to:

Ministers Agree to:

-Provide leadership for ministers who desire a spiritual covering through Pastor David and Jess Natali

-Provide intercessory prayer
-Provide council as needed regarding ministerial conflicts
-Provide special sessions for ministerial growth
-Provide a network of ministers where every joint can supply, causing growth of the Body
-Provide the opportunity for licensing and ordination
-Provide encouragement, to promote restoration, to edify, and to draw out 
gifting and callings

-Attend and successfully complete the School of Moses
-Pray for Turning Point Ministries and Pastor David and Jess Natali
restoration, encourage and edify Turning Point Ministries
-Display an attitude of character that is loyal, faithful, humble, and teachable
-Actively support the mission of Turning Point Ministries by tithing monthly through your increase
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