Pastor David Natali’s passion for the purpose of God led him and his wife, Jess, to Rhema Bible College in 2003 after being married in August of that year. Following graduating in 2005, he immediately began service to the local church in Indianapolis. In 2009 he was released to begin Turning Point Ministries and began pastoring that year. Four years later The School of Moses was birthed under TPM in September of 2013. 

Pastor Natali has an anointing to teach the Word of God with the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. He is called to train up leaders and take them further into their call and purpose.  This gift of teaching pierces between soul and spirit by the Word of God as it comes to life, transforming those in your church or ministry. 

If you are interested in Pastor Natali speaking to your leadership, volunteers, or church, please contact Turning Point Ministries at (317)691-6154, or at

Pastor Natali will come free of charge and speak as the Holy Spirit leads.