The Eternal Purpose of Mankind

by David Natali


"Within the pages of this book you will find a fresh presentation of timeless truths encompassing God's plan for man, the origin, operation, and intent of the realm and rule of darkness; in contrast, the authority of the believer, and also valuable keys to nurturing an intimate, fruitful and powerful life in Christ."


- Rev. Marty Blackwelder

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Green Pastures

by David Natali


“Jesus is longing for His sheep to be grazing in green pastures. He never intended for our food to become stale and the pasture to be given over to drought. The Holy Spirit is the rain that falls on the pasture (The Word of God) and keeps it green so that God’s people can eat fresh mana from Heaven daily. You will be blessed as you graze in God’s green pastures!”

- David Natali

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