Requirement to apply:

  • Successful graduation of the School of Moses


Turning Point Ministries agrees to:

  • Provide leadership for ministers who desire a spiritual covering by Pastor David and Jess Natali

  • Provide intercessory prayer

  • Provide council when needed regarding ministerial conflicts

  • Provide special sessions for ministerial growth

  • Provide a network of ministers where every joint supplies causing growth of the body

  • Provide the opportunity for licensing and ordination

  • Provide encouragement, promote restoration, draw out gifting and callings, and edify


Ministers agree to:

  • Pray for Turning Point Ministries and Pastor David and Jess Natali

  • Display an attitude of character that is loyal, humble and teachable

  • Actively support the mission by tithing monthly through your personal increase

  • Encourage, promote restoration and edify Turning Point Ministries


Important information:

Turning Point Ministries reserves the right to revoke covering at any time for any reason. Covered ministers are not permitted to use the Turning Point Ministries, or its affiliates, name or logo without expressed written consent.


Application for Spiritual Covering

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