In 1 Kings 17:2-5 the prophet Elijah is in exile during a drought, and the Lord leads him to a brook. Ravens are commanded by God to bring the prophet bread and meat. We were shown that for those in a time of drought of God's power and presence, our ministry has been a safe place where people can come and drink of Living Waters and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit spoke to us and said, "you feed the prophets", meaning we feed the ministers of God by the Word of God.

Pastor Natali asked the Lord what this was that He was establishing through us. The Holy Spirit said, "I want you to build a spiritual military base." It is in this God-given vision that we see men and women, ministers of the gospel, being sent out all around the world into their calling to further the Kingdom as soldiers of Christ. It is our goal to be a base and a hub for these ministers to go in and out of around the world. Having been trained in the Word and Spirit of God through the School of Moses, we seek to provide a spiritual covering and support, as well as a financial support to the ministries being birthed. 

Turning Point Ministries promotes the unity of the Body of Christ, joined and knit together by which every joint supplies, causing growth of the body in love in accordance with Ephesians 4:11-16. It is our heart to see the whole Body of Christ in unity with one another, working together to bring the will of the Father into this earth. Within that heartbeat, it is our calling to help you fulfill your call!